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    Kids Room For Twins

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    1. When planning a bedroom for twins, you need to consider that each baby has not only his own sleeping place but also his own separate desk where he could study, and a wardrobe. So immediately get ready to buy paired items. And this applies not only to large pieces of furniture but also accessories starting from table lamps to cups for pencils.
    2. Bunk beds – the most optimal way for a nursery with two kids. However, if space allows, you can set two such structures in the room at once so that each kid decides on which floor he wants to sleep.
    3. If the kids’ bedroom space is small, you should pay attention to the beds located on a raised platform, under which you can hide boxes with toys and things or organize a workplace. Also, saving space will allow various options for transforming furniture.
    4. The twin room, where the beds are built into special niches in the wall, will delight the little ones who dream of their own separate “house”.
    5. Psychologists assure that, until a certain age, it’s important for twins to be as close to each other as possible. Especially during sleep. With this approach, it’s worthwhile to show non-standard thinking, equipping sleeping places.
    6. If you have twins of different gender, you should divide the room into two separate spaces. This can be done with color and accessories. And if space allows, install sliding partitions.
    7. In the design of the room for twins, like any other bedroom, the main point is to use natural, environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, don’t be lazy to ask sellers for quality certificates and carefully check them. In addition, remember, the less dark corners in the nursery, the less fear the kid has or the reasons for causing it. Try to illuminate every dark corner.
    8. A bedroom for twins is growing and changing with the kids. And the atmosphere that suited the kids will not seem interesting to students. The easiest way to transform the space of the bedroom – photo wallpapers. You need to choose them along with the kids, always listening to the wishes of everyone.
    9. Don’t buy exclusively identical things for the bedroom of twins. On the contrary, try to emphasize the individuality of each kid. On the wall, next to the bed, you can write the name of the baby and place frames with his photos, favorite toys or objects that are related to his hobbies.