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    How to Get a Rest from Daily Routine – 10 Tips for a Busy Mommy

    mom is playing with kids

    When a baby has arrived, many mothers wonder if there’s barely enough time for anything, not saying about precious minutes that can be spent only on themselves to improve their health.

    Nevertheless, it’s possible and necessary to keep your kid busy, and in the meantime, while he will be fulfilling a task, you can use it properly.

    Top 10 ways how to keep your baby busy:

    1. Ask your kid to bring a blue truck, train, and digger from the playing room. Searching for all these toys will take some time and there’s a chance that diving in the box with his stuff, the baby will get excited with them for a while. Such suggestions are only a plus: firstly, the baby repeats how to count, letters, shapes, colors and improves memory and attention. And secondly, you will have a few minutes of free time.

    2. Set your kid some game challenges. Offer him to get the dolls to sleep, fix the toy car, feed all the pets. In addition, it’s better to suggest your kid unusual tools for the game, for instance, a wrench for a car or a spoon for feeding toys.

    3. Every mother needs a magic bag. Fill it in with boxes, jars, small toys, caps from plastic bottles, ribbons, button beads, natural materials according to the age and development of the baby. Getting gifted such a bag, the kid will be busy by examining the treasures for a long time.

    4. When you rest in the evening watching TV, cut out pictures from product cartons, booklets, and old postcards. This activity calms very well, and an envelope with figures of animals, cars, products will help to distract the kid.

    5. If your baby is confident in using scissors – give him a few old magazines to be torn up into pieces.

    6. Another way to get ‘me-time’ is to turn on cartoons for your kid. But it’s not recommended to get abused with this activity in terms of health safety. Don’t forget about audiobooks and music.

    7. Ask your baby for help. For instance, ask him to cook in the kitchen, wipe the dust in all rooms, or pick up the toys he messed. Motivate the baby if he refuses to do the task.

    8. “Go, look out the window, isn’t it going to rain soon?” is an effective formula to be alone for a minute or two.

    9. If you keep some cardboard boxes – like shoe ones – give one of them to your kid and ask him to make a house for his toys.

    10. Balloons is a great way to get the baby entertained. Ask him to inflate a few ones and offer him to play: show how the ball ‘sticks’ to his hair or how it flies if you blow on it hard. The kid will be interested in experiments and won’t ask for another toy soon.

    mom is having a bath

    If you’re a super busy mother who prefers to combine growing up kids with working, so it seems you don’t have much time to relax. Therefore, any opportunity must be used for a break not to get stucked into the family routine. Here are some life proven ways how to rest and restore energy in 15 minutes quickly and properly.

    • Meditation and yoga. Only fifteen minutes of yoga will help you wake up and recharge your energy for morning routines before your baby wakes up. You can find short and efficient lessons on the Internet. Yoga classes, even short-term ones, will help not only get a boost of energy but also get in shape after childbirth.
    • Coffee or herbal tea. If you’re completely exhausted, you can drink a cup of coffee or herbal tea. Sip the drink with no hurry and try to think about nothing at this time.
    • Take a bath with aroma oils. Warm water with aroma oil help you relax and get rest. It’s better to take a bath in the evening before bed.
    • Social networks. It may seem ridiculous but 15 minutes on social networks will allow you to switch your attention and take a break from problems.
    • Strolling. Ask your husband to look after your baby and go for a walk. Brisk strolling makes you relaxed from daily issues and fit your legs and glutes.