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    5 Important First Date Tips for Men

    First Date Preparation

    Man, you’ve asked out a gorgeous girl, and you want your first date to go well. I get it, it can be stressful, but that’s why knowing these tips, which tell you exactly what women do and don’t want on a first date, is so important. So, let’s go!

    Tip Number One. Be Normal.

    Be normal might sound vague, but all it means is show her a normal experience and not one that’s weird or unusual.

    • Don’t take her to an overly violent, gory, or graphic movie.
    • Don’t show her, at dinner, how you can burp the alphabet.
    • Don’t bring a magic set with you on the date and surprise her with an illusion.
    • Don’t ask her to go diving with you or do any other weird things.

    Instead, be normal. Be considerate, polite, and down-to-Earth. Take her somewhere normal, fun, casual, and light-hearted.

    Tip Number Two. Show Up On Time.

    This tip shouldn’t surprise you, as it’s generally polite to show up on time, but why is it so important on a first date? Well, because late showing her one of two things. Either you’re too lazy and/or irresponsible to plan your day to be on time or you don’t value her time enough to make your date a priority. Plus, waiting for you is just annoying, and that is the last impression you want to make on a first date, right?

    Tip Number Three. Be Proud of Your Appearance and Dress Well.

    You don’t have to spend all day getting ready for your date, but that doesn’t mean you should only spend a few seconds getting ready. She looks her best to show you that you’re worth the effort, so why wouldn’t you want to do the same for her?

    Put on a nice, clean shirt, and pay attention to your shoes. Be clean-shaven, or if you are a bearded man, use your trimmer to groom your beard and mustache. Make your hair, and please shower. Show her that you care enough about her to put in the effort to look your best.

    Tip Number Four. Have a Well-Designed Date.

    This might be the most important step in first date success, and luckily, with the right formula, planning a fun, laid-back date is easy.

    So, what’s the right formula? Simple, a meal plus an activity. Take her to a good meal, somewhere nice but not overly fancy, then to an activity, like mini golf, ice skating, or an arcade. This combination gives you a fun, easy way to get to know her without the pressure of formal dinner.

    Tip Number Five. don’t let her know the whole plan.

    Have a plan for the first date, but don’t let her know exactly what the plan is. Women love surprises, especially on a first date. It shows that you’re spontaneous, fun, and will always show her a good time.

    Now, it’s important to let her know some information about the date, like if she should dress up, bring something warm, or avoid high heels, but don’t tell her everything. She’ll love the excitement and surprise of the unknown.


    I hope these 5 tips will help you to make your first date a great time for both of you. And remember, don’t nervous and have fun. She’ll like it.

    By Mister Shaver