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    Bike or Kick-Scooter: Which Are Safer for Kids?

    As a parent or guardian, you want your kids to have fun and get some fresh air but you also want them to stay safe and be able to avoid getting injured by falling down or colliding with the traffic. Every parent buying their child a mode of transportation down the sidewalk or the street is faced with a choice: get a bike or get a kick-scooter? Each one has its pros and cons, one ultimately being safest. Read on to weigh the qualities of each choice and make the best decision for your child. Good selection of kids’ kick scooters can be found at kidsatvsale.com

    The Benefits of Bikes

    balance bike for kidsBalance Bikes are safe for kids when they have learned how to properly ride a bike and control their speed in order to not go too fast and lose balance.

    Bicycle riding is also safer when a child wears a helmet and when they use hand signals to communicate to drivers which way they are going. However, it may be difficult for a child to develop and maintain the necessary skills to safely ride a bike, and it is dangerous for a child to cross the street on a bike when drivers may not follow traffic laws or may not see the child on the bike while turning around a corner, and may hit a child on their bike before the child can get out of the way.

    The Benefits of Kick-Scooters

    Kick Scooters are another way for a child to get around. Because the child remains upright rather than sitting on a bike seat, they have more control starting, stopping and changing speed on a kick-scooter, which means increased safety near moving vehicles. Because kick-scooter wheels are smaller than bike wheels, safe kick-scooter riding is limited to smooth, flat surfaces like sidewalks and well-paved roads. There are occasional cracks in the sidewalk or the road, which makes it dangerous for kick-scooters to make it across without the child toppling over, causing injury.

    kick scooters for kidsAs long as the child wears a helmet that fits as well as shoulder and knee pads while riding a kick-scooter, a sturdy kick-scooter chosen for your child’s age range and size can be a fairly safe choice.

    Which is Safer?

    Ultimately, kick-scooters are a safer transportation choice for children compared to bikes. Kick-scooters are used more on the sidewalk than the street, so it is easy for your child to get around the neighborhood safely on a kick-scooter as long as they watch out for cars and pedestrians. Riding while standing rather than sitting makes it easier to stop and avoid accidents on a kick-scooter, which means fewer injuries.