Razor Dirt Quad Bike vs Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike

Razor dirt bike

Both the Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike and the Razor Dirt Quad Bike are excellent options to buy. However, you’ll need to see a true comparison of them so that you can be sure to choose the best option either for yourself or your gift recipient.

Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike           Razor Dirt Quad Bike

Boy riding on Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike

Boy riding on Razor Dirt Quad


Interior and Exterior Design

The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike has a body and motor that are built to give a rider an adrenaline-filled experience. The motor is a muscle-filled, 500-watt performance motor that can handle the demands of any adventure or fantasy. Its chain is self-adjusting, which means that it requires less maintenance than many other chains do.
The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike model comes with a white case with red and black trim, which gives it somewhat of a prestigious feel.
The Razor Dirt Quad Bike has a gorgeous black case with red and white trim. The design gives it a fun and inviting appeal.


The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike unit is built for comfort and convenience. Therefore, it has a heap of benefits that make the driver feel safe and secure while preserving the adrenaline rush that he can get from taking it for a romp in an open field. Riders have access to adjustable handlebars as well as features like the twist-grip throttle control.

The Razor Dirt Quad Bike has some pretty cool features of its own. Some its most outstanding features include the twist-grip acceleration control, coil shock and the rear suspension that is made for terrain-tracing. Riders are likely to have an exciting but smooth ride on this model. The manufacturer does not list speed potential for either model.

Dirt Quad vs 500 DLX Dirt Quad – At a Glance

Full Price $533.32 $698.97
Recommended Age 8+ 14+
Rider Weight up to 120 lbs up to 220 lbs
Top Speed 8-10 mph 10-12 mph
Throttle Mechanism Variable Grip Twist Variable Grip Twist
Brake System Hand Operated Disc Hand Operated Disc
Wheels / Tires 13″ Pneumatic knobby Pneumatic knobby
Adjustable Handlebar Yes Yes
Batteries 24v 36v
Run Time up to 40 minutes up to 60 minutes
Dimensions 43″ L x 24″ W x 31.5″ H 50.4″ L x 28.7″ W x 31.9″ H

Speed and Performance

The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike comes with 36 Volts of batteries, and the riders can get an average of about one hour of riding out of it. That gives a person plenty of time to go out there and have some fun.

The battery on the Razor Dirt Quad Bike is 24 Volts, and it can give the rider up to 40 minutes of riding time.

Weight Capacity

The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike is suitable for riders who are at least 14 years of age, but it can accommodate riders who are much older than that, as well. It has an above-average weight capacity and can hold more than 220 pounds of weight on it. The 220-pound weight capacity can support an athletically built man or woman and a backpack.

The Razor Dirt Quad Bike is designed to accommodate smaller people. It is suitable for children who are older than eight years and weigh less than 120 pounds. It is not made for adults, although a very slim adult would probably do fine on it. It’s a great version for starting out one’s child on to see if he will like it. Once the child outgrows this model, he can move on to the next one.

Dirt bike

Both models have received more than four stars from their reviewers. They both have the same overall rating from hundreds of customers, which is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Either one would make a great gift for the kids or for yourself.

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Bikes or Kick-Scooters: Which Are Safer for Kids?

As a parent or guardian, you want your kids to have fun and get some fresh air but you also want them to stay safe and be able to avoid getting injured by falling down or colliding with the traffic. Every parent buying their child a mode of transportation down the sidewalk or the street is faced with a choice: get a bike or get a kick-scooter? Each one has its pros and cons, one ultimately being safest. Read on to weigh the qualities of each choice and make the best decision for your child.

The Benefits of Bikes

bike for kidsBikes are safe for kids when they have learned how to properly ride a bike and control their speed in order to not go too fast and lose balance. Bicycle riding is also safer when a child wears a helmet and when they use hand signals to communicate to drivers which way they are going. However, it may be difficult for a child to develop and maintain necessary skills to safely ride a bike, and it is dangerous for a child to cross the street on a bike when drivers may not follow traffic laws or may not see the child on the bike while turning around a corner, and may hit a child on their bike before the child can get out of the way.

The Benefits of Kick-Scooters

kick scooters for kidsKick-scooters are another way for a child to get around. Because the child remains upright rather than sitting on a bike seat, they have more control starting, stopping and changing speed on a kick-scooter, which means increased safety near moving vehicles. Because kick-scooter wheels are smaller than bike wheels, safe kick-scooter riding is limited to smooth, flat surfaces like sidewalks and well-paved roads. There are occasional cracks in the sidewalk or the road, which makes it dangerous for kick-scooters to make it across without the child toppling over, causing injury. As long as the child wears a helmet that fits as well as shoulder and knee pads while riding a kick-scooter, a sturdy kick-scooter chosen for your child’s age range and size can be a fairly safe choice.

Which is Safer?

Ultimately, kick-scooters are a safer transportation choice for children compared to bikes. Kick-scooters are used more on the sidewalk than the street, so it is easy for your child to get around the neighborhood safely on a kick-scooter as long as they watch out for cars and pedestrians. Riding while standing rather than sitting makes it easier to stop and avoid accidents on a kick-scooter, which means fewer injuries.

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3 Benefits of Summer Infant Video Baby Monitors

Baby monitor by Summer Infant

Until recently, if you wanted to check on your baby, even if you had a baby monitor, you would still have to get out of bed, get up, and walk down the hall to peek into the nursery. Now, with the introduction of video baby monitors from Summer Infant, all you have to do is roll over and check the video feed. Why would you want a video baby monitor instead of a regular monitor? Here are just a few of the reasons to choose a Summer Infant video monitor:

  1. See the baby is breathing. I recently read a post on one of my friend’s blogs about how she would get up several times a night not to feed her baby, but to make sure she was still breathing. She was so worried that she could not hear her baby breathing on the monitor that she was up and out of bed twice as often as she needed to be. A video baby monitor solves that problem, since you can set it up so that you can see your baby breathing, even from down the hall. 
  1. Prevent SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the most tragic ways to lose a brand new baby, and a video monitor makes it far less likely. You can regularly check on your baby, to make sure she has not undone her swaddling, gotten an arm stuck in the slats of the crib, or even dropped her pacifier. 
  1. Helps with sleep and crib training. One of the biggest fears of mothers and fathers that want their babies to cry themselves out, instead of getting used to being picked up every time they squall, is that something really is wrong and the baby is crying not just because she wants to see her mom or dad, but because she’s hurt herself. When you have a video monitor, however, you can still check on her and make sure that she’s not crying because she’s hurt or in danger. If your baby loves to climb out of her crib and explore the house on her own, a video monitor also gives you the ability to catch this behavior and correct it. 

Summer Infant has a line of highly reliable, functional video baby monitors that can help parents not only get more sleep, but have more peace of mind. If you need more valuable information on baby monitors, we recommend this resource: www.babymonitor101.com.

Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor Review

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How to Be Better Golf Player

better golf player

Golf can be an incredibly frustrating sport at times. It is so easy to hit the ball onto the green in regulation or close to it, only to end up with a 4-putt for a triple bogey. The reason this happens is that so many golfers spend countless hours at the driving range hitting with their driver, their fairway woods, and a few longer irons. That is a recipe for failure. While all of those shots are critical to the mastery of the game, to become the best golfer possible in the shortest amount of time, you should attempt to master your short game before you begin searching for a purer swing than Rory McIlroy.

Putting, pitching, and wedge shots will save your life in golf. If you put in the work with your putter and become a very consistent 2-putter, you will have built up quite an insurance policy on the course. Next, get a lot of work in from slightly off the green with your pitches and wedges. This can include shots from the fairway when you miss short, or the bunker and rough when missing either long or to one side or the other.

Once you become great at these shots, not only will it allow you to score lower on shorter holes such as par-3’s, but it will also allow you to have more confidence in your approach shots on the longer holes. It is less nerve racking to hit a 9-iron approach when you know that, even if you miss the green slightly, you have the short game skills to make up for it; as opposed to not having confidence with your short game, which could cause you to tense up and hit a bad approach.

The next major key to taking your golf game to the next level is club selection. Many people assume it is always best to grab the longest club possible (typically a driver) to tee off with on a long par-4 or par-5. This is not true, particularly on par-4’s. Think about these two scenarios.

First off, someone hits a 3-wood down the middle of the fairway and then is in position to hit a smooth, natural 8-iron onto the green. The second player hits a driver (a more risky shot) and is able to put the shot in the fairway much farther than the first player. This player has to then hit a pitching wedge shot that cannot be hit at full strength and is an awkward shot that most likely hasn’t been practiced often. You have to remember to think about more than the shot you are currently hitting; think about the position it is likely to put you in for your next shot or even the shot after that. Make a plan in your mind for every hole and try to stick with it.

Club selection and mastery of a short game will make you a much better golfer much quicker than grinding away for hours at the driving range getting frustrated. Some extra golf  equipment may help. I’m talking about golf  laser rangefinders (More info at rangefinder101.com).

After you master the short game, it is probably in your best interest to hire a swing coach for the longer shots. This is especially true if you are a more serious player. A swing coach provides the objectivity you cannot provide yourself as well as another pair of eyes on your swing and a knowledgeable mind of the game. It really is in your best interest to do this; there is a reason every professional golfer in the world still has one. Keep practicing, and you will find yourself in the red before long!

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